Julie Mott Reviews The Best Unique Interior Design Elements From IKEA to Make Your House a Home

Julie Mott
3 min readJan 22, 2021


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It can take a little while to make space feel genuinely like your own home upon moving into a new apartment. It doesn’t feel homey until you have all the things in place that represent you and your lifestyle. In this article, Julie Mott, an avid IKEA proponent, details some of the best unique interior design elements that you can source from furniture retailers like IKEA to transform your new place from just a regular house into your home.

Consider Color Palette First

Before you plan anything else, make sure you’ve nailed down your desired color palette. Understanding the tones you want to incorporate in the design will allow you to follow a general theme without wasting money on unnecessary purchases. Check out how different colors can affect your mood and choose a scheme that will support your needs for each room in your home. Most modern color schemes contain 2–3 tones to make your space feel sophisticated and fresh. IKEA has a ton of options of color for furniture, paint, and so on to bring your home to life through color.

Create Focal Points

After you’ve nailed down the color scheme, it’s time to start building rooms out based on their focal point. Every great room contains a central element that is visually commanding and impressive — so make sure to incorporate some key pieces that will draw attention. Whether it’s the TV in the living room, the fireplace in the den, a large dining table for the kitchen, or a moving piece of artwork, be intentional about the importance of your focal point. You can also look for ways to make it even more eye-catching by removing clutter and streamlining the space.

Lighting is Key

Lights have the capability of projecting many different moods in the same room. To take advantage of this design principle, consider installing lights whose strength and color can be easily adjusted to fit the day or night. You could also install lighting to highlight your focal point, bringing it to the forefront. Multi-degree lighting is perfect for cultivating romantic evenings to lively parties, giving you all the vibes you could possibly need!

A Textured Approach

Playing with textures is one of the best steps you can take to inject personality into your new home. Discover your unique character by doing some wall paneling, searching for IKEA furniture with carvings, and using textured fabric in the bedrooms. This is one step that is often overlooked for those who are new to interior design. The texture is a simple and subtle way to bring magic into your new home, and it’s a great way to make it all your own.

Unique interior design elements can bring your new house to life, making it feel like a home. IKEA is a relatively inexpensive and versatile solution to furnishing your new place without breaking the bank! I hope that these ideas are helpful for you and that you channel your inner designer for cultivating your new home.



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