Julie Mott, IKEA Blogger, Shares 5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

Julie Mott
3 min readFeb 17, 2021


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Kitchens and living rooms are often prioritized in design because they have to meet everyone’s needs in the family. But your bedroom also deserves attention. On average, people spend a third of their lives sleeping — shouldn’t they do that in an inviting and restful space? In this article, Julie Mott, IKEA blogger, suggests five simple ways to refresh your bedroom space on a budget.

Beds Are Beautiful and Beneficial

If your bed isn’t at the proper height for your stature, getting up and lying down can cause pain and muscle strain. Likewise, subpar mattresses and pillows cause aches that can disturb your sleep. Even your bedding can cause you to overheat and wake up throughout the night.

IKEA sells beds, mattresses, pillows, and bedding, so they have everything you need, all in one place. Many of their products have been designed with ergonomic features in mind, and their vast showroom is a great place to test some items before you buy them.

Storage Solutions Maximize Your Space

One reason that people avoid their bedrooms is that they can feel small and cluttered. IKEA has a variety of storage solutions so you can keep things you infrequently need out of sight. Reducing visible clutter is a great way to improve your mental state.

Some of the more obvious bedroom storage solutions include dressers and nightstands with drawers. Another great tip is to incorporate wall shelves and hooks to breathe new life into otherwise wasted space.

Home Decor Can Show Who You Are

Bedrooms often serve as a personal sanctuary where we can unwind and be free from other people’s expectations of us. This makes a bedroom the perfect place to display your unique style! IKEA carries an extensive array of home decor items at affordable price points. This is a super simple way to refresh your bedroom, even on a tight budget.

Rugs Introduce Color and Coziness

Tile and wood floors can be stunning. But they can sometimes feel stark and cold in a bedroom. A large throw rug adds an interesting textural detail and can introduce fun colors and patterns. And because the flooring will still be visible around the edges, you won’t lose its more striking qualities.

Throw rugs are also a great option if you live in a rented unit with carpeted bedrooms. Layering rugs on top of each other is very on-trend and lets you add some personal flair to your space.

Let There Be Light

Lighting your bedroom can be a challenge, as light fixtures must often serve multiple purposes. From a functional standpoint, they help you see things more clearly. Some people get dressed or apply cosmetics in their bedroom, while others like to read before bed. Activities like these require the right kind of lights.

But while bright lighting is important, it can also make it difficult to relax. Softer lights can set the mood more effectively. Getting a combination of table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lamps can allow you to customize your lighting to any situation.

When you decorate your home, your bedroom shouldn’t be an afterthought. You deserve your own space where you can rest and recharge. Julie Mott, an IKEA fan, knows the beloved design store has everything you need to refresh your bedroom. You may just find that a simple room makeover can refresh your spirit, as well!

About Julie Mott

Julie Mott is a Chicago-based IKEA advocate and interior design blogger. As a young mother and homemaker, Julie is always looking to beautify her home with affordable and stylish furniture. She believes every house can be turned into a welcoming home with a charming and pleasant atmosphere using affordable brands.



Julie Mott

Julie Mott is an interior design blogger passionate about IKEA products.